Hello and welcome...

My name is Phaedra and I love food. I also love this planet and it's inhabitance, so I am on a mission to get more people eating plants and living in a conscious and intentional way. This blog was born out of a wish to catalogue and share all the delicious vegan recipes I've begun to develop along my journey as I heal a long standing love-hate relationship with food and fulfill my own reckoning with the mistreatment of the planet and our animal companions. 

Ultimately the food you'll find here reflects my own lifestyle and is based off of a philosophy of balance. I believe in wholesome, nutrient dense ingredients that nourish my body and operate on every level of health while also nourishing the soul. This means food has got to intrigue my senses, satisfy my appetite and never leave me feeling deprived. 

In addition to just sharing recipes I also aim to share the knowledge I am gaining along the way about seasonality, eating to feed your micro biome, ethical lifestyle practice, the vegan movement and all things health and wellness. Join me as I grow and we can grow together xx