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I've been kind of obsessed with this new creation -- putting it on my toast every morning, in pastas, atop pizza and as the main attraction of these little crostinis. My next endeavor might have to be a cannoli. I'm finding it works perfectly in place of your conventional ricotta in any recipe, perfect for vegans and lactose intolerants alike.

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Breakfast staple right here. I've always been a huge breakfast person, and so when I went vegan I was bereft at the prospect of no more eggs and bacon. As I've grown into my veganism the reality of a fried up chicken period and the loins of a sweet little pig absolutely horrify me, but it took a while for the idea of a traditional diner breakfast to turn from enticing to rather revolting. Ok, enough carnivorous food bashing, sorry friends. Because, this story is about a breakfast lover learning to love breakfast in a new and exciting way. 

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