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This is me saying goodbye to summer with this seasonally inspired flatbread pizza. The basil for the pesto was picked from my own little plant that's been growing so beautifully all summer on the porch of my apartment. I love eating what's growing right now, right here. There's something really grounding about it, I think it has a way of connecting us to this planet, this place (wherever you may be), and this moment.

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SPRINGTIME KAPHA BALANCING || Eating for the season | ayurveda

The change of the seasons affects many of us; lethargy, brain haze, sickness and just generally feeling out of sorts. Changing your diet to match the season can drastically improve all areas of health by adding the microbes to our digestive tract -- the gut, or micro biome -- that support our immunity to the microbes of the given season. For instance, seasonal allergy sufferers will find improved immunity to spring pollen by consuming the flowering fruits of the season, such as apples, pears and cherries. 

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