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SUMAC AND ZA'ATAR BAKED EGGPLANT with mint lime coconut yogurt sauce | recipe

This recipe, while herby and flavorsome, is all about simplicity. It's summer, it's hot and I want something light and cooling. I can't always eat smoothies and salads, I really am a warm-food-loving girl, but the mint and tang of the cool coconut yogurt have a chilling effect.

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NO-CHURN COCONUT VANILLA SAFFRON ICE-CREAM with pistachio crumble | recipe

I will unabashedly admit that this recipe was a complete experiment that just happened to turn out really, and I mean really, well. Fed up with pretty much all plant based ice creams on the market that were either full of gums, sugars and modified ingredients I had concluded that the only way I was going to satisfy my want for a creamy, rich, whole-foods and non-processed ice-cream would be to make my own.

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