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WHITE BEAN SOUP with coconut bacon and chives | recipe

Preparing for winter in New England is a bit like preparing for a mental health crisis -- you know it will be worse than you can let yourself remember, you know you will need some no-brainer self care tools in place and you know that it will pass but in the midst of it that won't matter. My analogy here is fitting for me personally because the first usually brings about the latter, which I know to be true for many of us cold weather dwellers. It's not a matter of if, but when the cold will hit and when it does I generally don't want to venture out from under the blanket I will be living in for three to four months. That's why this year I'm stocking up on healing, cozy and warm recipes that take minimal effort. It may be sunny September now, but I'm preparing for the storm. Winter is coming, people. Are you ready?

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