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If you use social media, you've probably come across a date ball once or twice (a hundred times). They're cute, they come in lots of colors and they look great on top of nicecream or in a flat lay (if none of those words sound familiar to you, you are definitely not my target audience, and kudos to you for joining... you're probably my aunt.) But I don't think that's why they are so popular. What is just so fantastic about date balls is that they are protein, calcium and iron packed little nuggets of naughty tasting nutrients. You can sneak an awful lot of healthy additives into a date ball and they still just wind up tasting like caramel.

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NO-CHURN COCONUT VANILLA SAFFRON ICE-CREAM with pistachio crumble | recipe

I will unabashedly admit that this recipe was a complete experiment that just happened to turn out really, and I mean really, well. Fed up with pretty much all plant based ice creams on the market that were either full of gums, sugars and modified ingredients I had concluded that the only way I was going to satisfy my want for a creamy, rich, whole-foods and non-processed ice-cream would be to make my own.

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ROSEWATER AND RASPBERRY CHEESECAKES with a graham cracker crust | recipe

When I'm craving something sweet, the satiation process begins with the making; a combination of time, patience and minimal effort, and ends with the presentation. Somehow I feel more deserving of indulgence when I've waited in agony for it. Am I alone in this? This recipe takes little to no kitchen skills, but a whole lotta patience, as like most raw desserts, it requires time in the freezer. But half the pleasure in these cute little treats is had just by looking at them. I love pretty sweet things, and I am so not a baker, so here I got my fix with some ombré and topping the hell out these babies, unnecessary to taste, but I eat with my eyes. 

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