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I'd like to start a new series here on this little blog of mine; a health journey. I intend for it to cover a range of health topics, illustrated through my own quest. I am not a nutritionist, psychologist or life coach. I have no special training in any health related field, so this is all I can offer, my own journey. Because, dear internet, here's the truth; I don't feel healthy. Gasp, the vegan just admitted that plants aren't the magic pill to cure all ails, and she doesn't glow from within and poop out gold? Not so fast vegan haters (let's pretend my audience is wide enough there are some of you out there) IT'S NOT THE PLANTS, GOD DAMN IT, IT'S ME.

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SPRINGTIME KAPHA BALANCING || Eating for the season | ayurveda

The change of the seasons affects many of us; lethargy, brain haze, sickness and just generally feeling out of sorts. Changing your diet to match the season can drastically improve all areas of health by adding the microbes to our digestive tract -- the gut, or micro biome -- that support our immunity to the microbes of the given season. For instance, seasonal allergy sufferers will find improved immunity to spring pollen by consuming the flowering fruits of the season, such as apples, pears and cherries. 

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