PINEAPPLE TACOS with avocado and salsa fresca | recipe

There's something so crazy fresh about an all plant taco, and it's exactly what my body wants in the summer. Over here in New England the summer is intensely hot and fleeting, so I'm looking for foods to cool me down so I can stay out longer and later in the heat. This recipe is primarily just chopping vegetables and assembling them. Yes, let's not melt our faces with hot food, I want chilly, sticky finger food this summer. 


Oozy-gooey comfort food with zero quilt, in fact, this dish is actually good for you. Beets are incredible little vegetables, but I'm personally not crazy about them, so I was pretty delighted when I tentatively bit into my newest creation and it was not only tolerable but like, insanely enjoyable.  A hint of fat, hella carbs and some really hard working nutrients like vitamin A, B9, potassium and manganese, meaning not only can you indulge before swimsuit season, but you should.


Warm, a little fiery, a little rich too, and incredibly fresh. Thai curry has elements that are perfect for spring time and waking up the senses. The keys to this thai curry is fresh aromatics and a little sour and sweet -- also keys to happy digestion. Try this recipe for a punch to your taste buds and healing for your belly.

SPRINGTIME KAPHA BALANCING || Eating for the season | ayurveda

The change of the seasons affects many of us; lethargy, brain haze, sickness and just generally feeling out of sorts. Changing your diet to match the season can drastically improve all areas of health by adding the microbes to our digestive tract -- the gut, or micro biome -- that support our immunity to the microbes of the given season. For instance, seasonal allergy sufferers will find improved immunity to spring pollen by consuming the flowering fruits of the season, such as apples, pears and cherries. 


Breakfast staple right here. I've always been a huge breakfast person, and so when I went vegan I was bereft at the prospect of no more eggs and bacon. As I've grown into my veganism the reality of a fried up chicken period and the loins of a sweet little pig absolutely horrify me, but it took a while for the idea of a traditional diner breakfast to turn from enticing to rather revolting. Ok, enough carnivorous food bashing, sorry friends. Because, this story is about a breakfast lover learning to love breakfast in a new and exciting way.